Tour of China

China travel report


Tour of China


The trip started in Kunming where we stopped for 3 days. Kunming is located noth of the Dian lake. It has 7 Million citizens. We enjoyed the lovely sun, which gave our pale faces a nice tan. (I know you Chinese people are not too keen on getting a tan, but we liked it ;-). We took a nice walk through the city center, to the Green lake, the Yuantong Tempel , and the muslimic quarter where we enjoyed our dinner.

The second day brought us to the Shilin - Stone Forest. AMAZING. Years ago it was full of water through but as the water went back, amazing scenery like this was left. So this UNESCO Parc (accidently called UNESSO) showed us how Landscape developes.

We figured it was ok to take the cable car back down as our legs were tired in the end after a lovely day.

I am sure you wonít believe how many people can fit into this Pavillion in the picture left. You donít evem want to think of it.

One day later we did a hike on the west mountains and around the Dianlake. We had a lovely noodle soup in the Huating Tempel for lunch and yummi radish for desert.

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