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Tour of China


To add some more fragrances to the sleeper bus, we directly jumped into the bus after our hike, not having showered before. We were told, the bus will drive 20 hours to Shangri-la, which we expected to be exhausting, but doable. We have to confess, our western hips just fit in the beds. It was a freezing cold night.

Around midnight, the bus driver unexpectedly decided to take a quick 8- hous-powernap stopping the bus side of the road in the middle of nowhere. It became colder and colder. The windows fogged up and started to run down the glass while I was putting more and more layers of clothes on. All in total we stuck in the bus for 30 hours in a laying position not being able to move at all.

The next day we could only laugh about this interesting experience. Shangri-la was awesome!! It is located, well, in the broadest sense in the Himalaya, in Tibet. We arrived late and ended the day with a delicious Tibetan dinner. The next day we went to the abbey where 300 monks live. After discovering the oldtown we had to leave back to Lijiang, where we stayed another night and left Lijiang in the afternoon to Chengdu.

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